The Southwestern University Matias H. Aznar Memorial College of Medicine is an enduring monument to the memory of the late Don Matias Hipolito Aznar II, founder and first president of Southwestern University.

    His dynamism, keen foresight, genuine concern for the youth and his abiding faith in his countrymen were the factors that made Southwestern University what it is today.

    Southwestern University was founded in the summer of 1946, under the registered name, Southwestern Colleges. This was at the time when the Philippines was in the process of rehabilitation from the destruction of the Second World War. The founders were Don Matias Hipolito Chavez Aznar II and his wife, Doña Anunciacion Barcenilla Aznar, both pharmacists, who wanted to establish a school within the reach of the common people.

    The Southwestern University College of Medicine was formally organized during the first semester of the School Year 1947-1948. In the formative years, classroom instructions were conducted in a residential house, a pre-World War II residence of the founder with fourteen (14) pioneering students and six (6) members of the faculty.

    Comprising the faculty were: Manolo S. Fornolles, M.D., Dean; Ermelinda Damian Fornolles, M.D.; Nelia Fernandez del Mar, M.D.; Juan Ruiz, Jr., M.D.; Ramon Arcenas, M.D. and Jose San Jose, M.D.

    Full government recognition of the College of Medicine was granted in 1952. From then onwards, the College of Medicine has grown in size and stature. Over the years, she has made great progress and has established for herself an enviable scholastic record.

    The implementation of the Medical Act of 1965 provided that “All medical colleges in the Philippines be made into a foundation and therefore a non-stock, non-profit institution.”

    With its conversion, the Southwestern University College of Medicine has been renamed Southwestern University Matias H. Aznar Memorial College of Medicine, Inc. The foundation is so named to honor the memory of the late founder..