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    Finasteride - is a highly effective prescription medicine, whose action is aimed on the treatment of baldness or so called alopecia of an androgen-type in males. In case of this type of alopecia, your parietal and frontal parts of the head start balding. Restoring hair growth happens owing to treat-ment of hormonal imbalance. As a result, the metabolic processes are recovered inside the follicles (hair follicles), moreover, their nutrition and cell fission also become normalized. By cost, brand propecia (which contains 1 mg of finasteride) and proscar (contains 5mg of finasteride) are more expensive then any of generic versions.

    That’s how it started

    Initially, the drug was designed as an agent to stimulate and restore the secretory function of the prostate gland. The therapeutic effect of Propecia or proscar on the prostate is caused by normali-zation of the levels of DHT. With the increased level of formation of the androgen dihydrotestos-terone they bind multiple involvements of the prostate cells, their hypertrophy (enlargement) and hyperplasia (overgrowth of the secretory tissue).There is a risk of cancer process development (up to an adenoma), also under the influence of this hormone on the body.

    The elevated levels of dihydrotestosterone lead not only to prostate lesion. Due to its hypersecre-tion, the other tissues also suffer. Most often, these are the hair follicles in the scalp.

    During clinical trials it has been found that in addition to the restoration activity of the prostate this drug has another therapeutic effect. Conducting statistical study, we have established that Finas-teride tablets have helped to get rid of androgenic alopecia about 80% of all men surveyed.

    Before you start the course of therapy thoroughly read the instruction on finasteride and description of its contraindications. The average daily intake of the drug for the treatment of alopecia - is 1 mg. The duration of the course is from 3 months up to six months.

    But before you buy Propecia or Proscar and start taking it, you should consult a physician. The ef-fectiveness of treatment can be estimated only after a few months of the therapy.

    Before the course should visit an endocrinologist. In some cases, the doctor may prescribe addi-tional laboratory tests to examine in details the patient's hormonal background. The correction of the dosage and timing of the drug intake are also set by the doctor. Therefore, the duration of the course and the cost of Finasteride may be calculated for each patient individually.

    It is allowed to use Finasteride after transplantation of hair follicles. In this case, its action will be aimed on normalization the level of testosterone to physiological. Which is one of the conditions for normal engraftment of donor hair follicles.

    Side effects:

  • - Reduction of sexual libido.
  • - Reducing the volume of ejaculate.
  • - Temporary (partial) impotence.
  • - Allergic reactions.

  • Contraindications

  • The drug is contraindicated for the intake by patients suffering from the following diseases:
  • - Allergy to one of the components;
  • - Diseases of the endocrine system;
  • - Hepatic insufficiency;
  • - Prostatitis caused by urinary infections;
  • - Uropathy of an obstructive type.

  • Also there are some other restrictions on any type of a contact with that rx drug:

  • - Propecia and proscar are restricted for use by women;
  • - Pregnancy (Finasteride negatively affects the development of the male fetus in the mother's body during the embryonic period);
  • - Propecia and proscar are restricted for use by teenagers. Finasteride has the ability to have a negative impact on their bodies, even percolating through the pores of the skin. Therefore, they can not be in contact with the drug tactilely. Entering their bodies, the active ingredient of this rx drug causes some hormonal changes. As a result of this cycle, the puberty is violated.